Friday, July 07, 2006

No need to hide

All this talk of hiding away sounds a bit negative, if not positively agoraphobic. As one of those pasty islanders I can use all the sun I can get to graduate from pale blue to white skin, never mind anything healthy looking. And at the moment sun is something of which we have plenty. But occasionally a bit of peace is welcome too - and we've bought house in which to find it. But getting inside it - there's the thing.

Having waited to let horses by, passed slowly through a football match, and pulled over to let a tractor through with newly packed bales, we reach the end of the road and our house. But between car door and house door, we're intercepted by the woman next door. Somehow we're tracking through her house, into her kitchen, drinking her tea and playing in her garden.

She's lovely. We finally leave bearing milk and provisions. So... that was a good start. Can it all be this good? We'll see. More on neighbours, views and fires in the night to come.


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